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Olivier Roellinger Brittany

« I’d take one kilo of first-harvest, new baby potatoes over one kilo of
caviar any day; for the first tells the story of my land and symbolises
everything it is made up of.
Olivier Roellinger

For the past thirty years, Olivier Roellinger has wandered through markets the world over in search of the best of the best. He knows that behind every quality product is a group of hard-working, talented men and women. The Brittany born-and-raised master chef is very loyal to his suppliers. Yet he and Jérôme, his chef, know how to keep their eyes out for the new. Excellence is an ongoing quest.

The relationship between Olivier Roellinger and his suppliers is an affectionate one – one that, over time, “has made us friends, and in which trust has grown. It is partnership in the true sense of the word.”

Cancale is located in the Mont Saint-Michel Bay, where the highest tides in Europe can reach nearly fifteen metres. Such choice terrain produces fish and shellfish of exceptional quality. Every day, local artisans bring to shore bass, mackerel, oysters, and clams, in addition to many other fine gifts from the sea.
They are then transformed and made sublime in the hands of Olivier Roellinger and his team, for the great pleasure of their guests. The richness of Cancale and Saint-Malo does not solely come from seafood, however.
This much-cherished place of wind, rain and sun (sometimes even in the same day!), with clay loam and sand has indeed its share of fruit, legumes and quality herbs.

Olivier Roellinger’s cuisine is known for its mastery of “sea and spices”, but it is also deeply inspired by the personal touch of his vegetable gardens. Herein lies the uniqueness of this particular chef, who, capable of traversing entire oceans for a barely-known species of pepper or a wild strain of vanilla that had previously been thought to have disappeared somewhere in Mexico, is equally adept at ennobling the products of the earth and sea that are so dear to the Maisons de Bricourt. Here, and elsewhere – these are two words that perfectly resume both a unique, genuine cuisine and an outlook on life.