Robin Family, market gardener

Michael Robin, a bold and adventurous 30-year-old, is in charge of the market garden with his parents and wife. All four share the same taste for beautiful, delicious, top-quality products grown as naturally as possible.

The 70 vegetables produced on the farm, including some 15 herb varieties, 15 different squash and a few forgotten vegetables such as parsnip and Jerusalem artichoke - all rare in the region - are sold at markets and to a few food shops and restaurants. His father's partner for the past seven years, Michael one day introduced ladybugs into the greenhouse.

This sparked a passion for organic methods - one by one, he introduced some 15 insects, each of them capable of battling a specific pest. Each year he introduces new insects that attack the undesirable ones. Over time he has taken stock of his mistakes and is now an expert at diagnosis and treatment.

It's worth noting 25 years ago, when products used to prevent potatoes from sprouting were suspected of being carcinogenic, his father immediately stopped using them. In the greenhouse, then, Michael uses no chemical insecticides but organic warfare and organic fertilisers; outside, in the fields, he uses conventional fertilisers, some of them chemical, and carefully targeted insecticides- he refuses to use a product that would simultaneously destroy several populations, such as aphids and pollinating bees both at once.

A lot of work and convictions, careful diagnoses and the right choices to see perfectly fresh vegetables, from young salads and peas to delicious asparagus, on my table!

Famille Robin , market gardener
Saint-Servan and Paramé market
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