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Yves Bocel and his son Paul are market gardeners in Pacé, near Rennes. They supply peppers, onions, looseleaf lettuce, cherry tomatoes, turnips, sand carrots, lamb’s lettuce, zucchini, and eggplant.
Paul Bocel

The Robin family grows more than seventy different legumes, of which fifteen are aromatic herbs, another fifteen are cultivars of zucchini, and several more still are heirloom vegetables such as parsnip and Jerusalem artichoke. They also provide the first “Sirtéma” early harvest fine skin potatoes.
Famille Robin, maraîchers

Annie Bertin harvests wild, aromatic and marshland herbs, in addition to Chinese cabbage, long green beans, sweet potatoes, and the classic garden fare.
Annie Bertin

Right in the heart of the Mount Saint-Michel Bay, the Vaevien family grows several varieties of native vegetables: asparagus, shallots, garlic, onion, carrots, leeks, potatoes, celery, and the like.
Gisèle et Francis VAEVIEN

Since establishing his farm in Yvias in 1982, Gérard Le Meur, like his parents before him, has grown white “Paimpol” beans. He also grows artichokes, corn and potatoes.
Gérard Le Meur

Damien Rio has specialised in the production of stringless French filet (green) beans for the past forty years.
This particular type of bean must be cut by hand every two or three days, according to the ripeness of the pods.
Rio’s peas also require manual harvesting. The pods of this sweet-tasting dwarf variety are cut by hand so as to ensure that they are perfectly ripe and fresh.
Damien Rio

Jean-Yves Fillatre has grown organic apple trees in Macey, near Mont Saint-Michel, since 1988. The main five varieties he sells are Cox's Orange, Topaz, Delbard Jubilee, Pilot and Dalinette.
Jean-Yves Fillatre

In Saint-Méloir, on the west of the Mont Saint-Michel Bay just beside Cancale, Loïc Pichot harvests woodland and “garriguette”-style strawberries, black and red currants. Ever since the farm’s inception in 1965, the Pichot family has been committed to environmentally-respectful farming practices, producing fruits with an exceptional flavour.
Loic Pichot