Our Pantry

Robin Family, market gardener,
market of Saint-Servan and
market of Paramé

Michael Robin, a bold and adventurous 30-year-old, is in charge of the market garden with his parents and wife. All four share the same taste for beautiful, delicious, top-quality products grown as naturally as possible. The 70 vegetables produced on the farm, including some 15 herb varieties, 15 different squash and a few forgotten vegetables such as parsnip and Jerusalem artichoke - all rare in the region - are sold at markets and to a few food shops and restaurants. His father's partner for the past seven years, Michael one day introduced ladybugs into the greenhouse.

Robin Family, market gardener
market of Saint-Servan and market of Paramé
Phone: +33 2 99 81 65 80

Charcutier, Jean Lepage
Charcutier Jean Lepage believes strongly in traditional methods. A real farmer from the Argoat region, he is proud of his carefully tended milk-fed pigs and of his charcuterie. For the past 40 years he has reared cows on his farm whose milk is skimmed and the buttermilk given to piglets from the farm whose mothers are of the big, round Large White breed. From one end to the other of the chain that he has created, he wants to master everything. For his pigs, he grows barley and oats on soil which is enriched without chemical fertilisers thanks to lime and manure from the farm animals (cows, pigs, horses).

Jean Lepage
St-Servan market on Tuesdays and Fridays, Paramé market on Wednesdays, Dinard market on Saturdays.

Paul Renault - L’Entillère

The best poultry is served at our table, from Paul Renault.

Paul Renault - L’Entillère, Louvigne de Bais 35680 BAIS, Phone: +33 2 99 22 05 90