Grain de Vanille

And thick slices of buttered bread, a few little cakes coming out of the oven and maybe even a smooth ice cream - already we can feel something of Madame de Châteaubriant's indulgent pleasure.
Today, we make and bake, using entirely old-fashioned methods, a great variety of sweets: Les galettes cancalaises d'O. Roellinger ©, les galettes malouines épicées ©, salted butter caramels, jams and marmalades, ice-creams and sorbets churned on the premises and many other sweets.
We have also selected various products : The best vanillas in the world, unique Breton honeys, mariage Frères teas, Pascal Beillevaire's churned unpasteurised milk butter, breads from the Maisons de Bricourt baked in the wood oven of Château Richeux. Finally, many cakes and iced desserts will be available by special order so that you can enjoy them at home. This place is gentle, warm, round and vanilla-scented for sweet adventures.

12 place de la Victoire 35260 Cancale ; phone : 02 23 15 12 70