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Les Maisons de Bricourt, le restaurant le Coquillage, le Château Richeux, le cottage des Rimains, les Gîtes Marins seront fermés du dimanche 13 janvier au mercredi 27 février 2019 inclus.
Permanence téléphonique au 02 99 89 64 76 du lundi au vendredi de 9h30 à 17h00 durant la fermeture

Grain de Vanille sera fermé du 28 janvier au 27 février inclus.
Epices Roellinger St Malo sera fermé du 2 février au 25 février inclus.
Epices Roellinger Cancale sera fermé du 13 janvier au 27 février inclus
Cuisine Corsaire sera fermé du 21 janvier au 20 février inclus

Celtic gomasio

28 September 2017

Used for centuries in Japan, the gomasio is a condiment present on all the tables that we love. Renowned for its health benefits, this blend of salt and sesame brings a typical Japanese and even maritime flavor to all foods. We wanted to create with Hugo our gomasio, of Celtic inspiration of course, which mixes...
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the Powder of Ulysses, an elegant combination of herbs and aromatic spices for pasta

9 November 2016

Happy who, like Ulysses... …has travelled to the confines of the Mediterranean, relished the taste of the wind and brought back dreamlike fragrances. But most provisions would spoil easily and scurvy was a major threat… I took up the torch—I imagined these lands of sun-dried plants and spices, and also reminisced this mixture of flour...
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French spices

16 September 2015

For years, I have been selecting the best spices in the world, in addition to using the highest quality herbs, seeds, leaves, flowers, pieces of bark, roots, and natural vegetal aromas from Brittany and from the different regions of France, in my cuisine. These are the spices of France. By definition, spices are seeds, leaves,...
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French spices, herbs of Olivier Roellinger

Valentine’s cheese trolley

30 April 2015

The cheese trolley is an institution in France, a strong symbol of our cultural and culinary patrimony, a national pride! Since 2007, I trusted Valentine Roy with mine, first at the Relais Gourmand *** then, after it closed, she convinced me to keep it at the Coquillage, focusing on Normandy and Brittany cheeses. We work...
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The Grande Parade

23 April 2015

On May 16th, the Grande Parade will take place in the Quiberon Bay, a spectacular moment, a ballet drawn on the water by the prestigious sailing boats… the Recouvrance, the Renard, the Marité! For this occasion, Cuisine Corsaire offers a gourmand excursion on board of the Cancalaise! A magical day of delicacies and sea spray. Setting...
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balade corsaire

Château Richeux’s cherry trees are blooming !

21 April 2015

Symbol of renewal, the blossoming of the thousands of buds give the garden the delicate colours of spring and a taste of elsewhere… The branches bend under the weight of these fragile offerings to a renewing nature and promise sweet and light days. Take a walk under the blossoming cherry trees, dream about the 17th...
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cerisier en fleur

Asparagus are back!

20 April 2015

After a long and rainy winter, what a pleasure to notice these green tips peaking out! My favourite are the white ones, more flavourful and fleshy. I peel them flat as to not break them and cook them in salted water. I know they are ready when a delicious smell fills the kitchen! But you...
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Château Richeux’s residents get pampered !

17 April 2015

It is the time for Alain to take care of the animals of Château Richeux before temperatures rise. Grass is growing fast in the “Champ du Vent” and Claudia and Pâquerette get to enjoy the soft April sun rays. Alain helps the donkeys change their winter coat by brushing them. The “Champ du...
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A forgotten treasure to magnify new potatoes!

10 April 2015

Every year here in Brittany, the arrival of new potatoes is an event. They are our local treasure, often served with fish; they are also eaten on their own, as a simple pleasure. For some time now I have wanted to couple them with my interpretation of the “taste of a shipwreck”, which...
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Fighting caterpillars…

9 April 2015

… to save the coast’s marine pine trees! We are putting « collars » around the trees to capture the caterpillars going down the tree as the temperature rises. These traps will be completed by more advanced techniques such as pheromone traps or installing bird houses for chickadees who will feast on the caterpillars!


Results of the Seaweb competition at the Unesco

8 April 2015

Today was held at the Unesco the award ceremony for the Seaweb competition that I organized with Ferrandi cooking school. Seaweb is an organization fighting for the preservation of oceans and their resources and our collaboration is extremely precious for me. This competition is important to me because it sheds light on the young generation...
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