Château Richeux and the restaurant Le Coquillage,

Château Richeux, a big 1920s villa, faces the Mont St-Michel in the middle of the countryside. The sea, the sky, the earth, infinite blues, greens, greys blend into each other - everything that has shaped us is here, in the crashing waves, the gusts of wind, the striking natural beauty. We wanted this place to be suspended between sky and earth, facing the sea which is visible from the eleven rooms and two apartments, through the big mullioned windows. Each room encourages rest, refreshment and meditation. The furniture comes from antique shops or belongs to the original house - the soft or bright colours complement the sea view, while all the comforts are there to carry you away.
Château Richeux also houses "le Restaurant le Coquillage", whose dining room with its soft light and dark wood is designed not to disturb your contemplation of the sea. Here, you will taste cooking that seeks healthy simplicity and elegance, several hot and cold shellfish and fish dishes served in a convivial atmosphere. There is also "dishes that change with the wind and the moon from O. Roellinger", specially conceived to allow you to taste some of our classic dishes and new creations : marine, vegetable and spice dishes, cheeses from Brittany and Normandy, the sweets trolley... all of this maintains a link with my spirit of culinary adventure !
The villa also allows you to enjoy the living room where you can read books on the region, the history of St-Malo and the spice route, while sipping our spiced grog, to warm you up after a windy hike, or a herbal tea as delicate as it is subtle.

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