Château Richeux

Whatever the weather, the landscape haunts and absorbs you. So you'll leave the villa to walk along the shore or enter the domain of Alain and Frédéric who take care of the park, the orchard and the vegetable garden. You'll see their tall silhouettes bending, leaning or stretching to trim, weed, plant anything that will allow me to fully express myself through my cooking.
Both Alain and Frédéric devote a great deal of time to the Celtic garden, herbs and vegetables surrounded by sheets of slate that have long been thought to promote the growth and health of plants. Together, we tirelessly search for organic seeds, often heirlooms, that create exquisite and rare flavours. Our beehives allow us to produce 100 kg of honey bringing together all the flowers of the garden - honey which is served at breakfast.
There is also David, the baker who bakes the bread in the wood-fired oven for all the Maisons de Bricourt each morning. Lionel Poilâne advised us on how to build this oven in the garden.
The Maisons de Bricourt's team takes care of you throughout your stay. Each of us wishes to create moments of shared happiness every day in these sumptuous natural surroundings, and a life that is both simple and filled with quality.
Each beautiful season here brings surprises and wonder in our quest for the purest possible ingredients. On the other side of a row of redcurrant bushes, you might also meet Claudia and Pâquerette, the gentle donkey, and the Ouessant sheep that live in our garden.

D155, route du Mont Saint Michel 35350 Saint-Méloir-des-Ondes
Latitude : 48.640984
Longitude : - 1.874944

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