the restaurant Le Coquillage

Grand catch from the Bay : 65 € (without drinks)

    An entrée
  • Salad of spring garden vegetables and locally-trapped cuttlefish with a hint of
  • “Fleur de Sureau” and Guajillo chili pepper.
  • Dive-caught scallops, “Huile d'Agrumes”, and “Fleur de Soleil”.
  • Small baby potatoes and pollock from our smokehouse in a vinaigrette.
  • Seafood consommĂ© with Brittany-harvested saffron, potatoes and fresh herbs.
  • Clam specialty: Kampot pepper, fresh parsley and Jean-François’ wakame.
  • Oysters with buckwheat, citrus and Ceylan pepper
  • Nine (deep) Pacific oysters from the Bay, or six (flat) European oysters from Cancal
  • Foie gras au torchon with tangy apples and celtic vinegar.

  • A main dish
  • Small golden soles from the artisanal fisheries in Cancale, mashed new potatoes and candied lemon.
  • Shore-caught brill, the season's first asparagus, with ginger and “Tafia du Marin”.
  • Our classic John Dory fish with “Poudre Retour des Indes”.
  • Cancale-style, fireplace-grilled lobster, 500 g (29 euros extra).
  • Lobster with cocoa, chili pepper and XĂ©rès sherry vinegar (a homage to the Cancalese captain, Touche de la Ravardière) (29 euros extra).
  • Normandy-style veal heart sweetbreads with fresh, unpasteurized cream and white Ceylan pepper.
  • Young pigeon from Entillère braised on the coals with rhubarb and “Poudre Defendue”.

  • Cheese
  • Valentine’s Brittany and Normandy cheese board served with chutneys and condiments (13 euros extra).

  • Gourmandises
  • The trolley of delightful and reassuring sweets prepared by Mathieu.

If you are short on time or have a selective appetite, a simplified menu of an entrée and a main dish, or a main dish and a dessert, is available for 55 euros. All of our meats are from small farms in France.