the restaurant Le Coquillage

Dishes that change with the wind and the moon from O. Roellinger (emblematic dishes of the restaurant Olivier Roellinger and new creations) 139 € without drinks

  • Warm spider crab meat with our “pirate-style” vinaigrette.
  • The season's first new baby potatoes, oysters and a few morels in cream with “Poudre Gallo”.
  • Merlin the Magician’s bouillon with king prawns and young spring greens.
  • Lobster with cocoa, chili pepper and Xérès sherry vinegar (a homage to Touche de la Ravardière, the seventeenth century Cancalese captain).
  • Gently cooked line-caught bass with sea urchins, “Poudre de Neptune” and wild fennel from the cliffside.
  • Valentine’s Brittany and Normandy cheese board served with chutneys and condiments.
  • The trolley of delightful and reassuring sweets prepared by Mathieu. “Land in sight” island-inspired grog.

So that the meal unfolds smoothly, it is preferable that this menu be served to everyone at the table, for maximun 12 persons.
Thank you for your understanding.