the restaurant Le Coquillage

Dishes that change with the wind and the moon from O. Roellinger (emblematic dishes of the restaurant Olivier Roellinger and new creations) 139 € without drinks

  • Thin strips of marinated monkfish and “Poudre de Soleil”.
  • Langoustines with traditional “Macedonia-style” mixed baby vegetables.
  • Warm summer bouillon with clams, royal prawns, and wild samphire.
  • Lobster with cocoa, chili pepper and Xérès sherry vinegar (a homage to Touche de la Ravardière, the seventeenth century Cancalese captain).
  • The classic John Dory fish with “Poudre Retour des Indes” (in honour of the eighteenth century admiral, La Bourdonnais).
  • Valentine’s Brittany and Normandy cheese board served with chutneys and condiments.
  • The trolley of delightful and reassuring sweets prepared by Mathieu. “Land in sight” grog from the Islands.

So that the meal unfolds smoothly, it is preferable that this menu be served to everyone at the table, for maximun 12 persons.
Thank you for your understanding.