Le Coquillage table : le goût du vent ®

Welcome to the restaurant "Le Coquillage"!

Welcome to the restaurant, Le Coquillage, where the generous yields of the sea, the garden, and the spice trade have become the basis of our simple, healthy, elegant and joyous style of cuisine.

With Jane and the entire crew, we invite you to partake in a new way of living the pleasures of the table: one that is adapted to your circumstances, wishes and means.

May each and every one of our lives be none but the best, lived according to our choices, desires, and possibilities.

Yet, however fashionable ideas such as “a high standard of living” and “the best at all costs” may be, they must be brought to fruition in a spirit of joy and respect.

Closing times The Maisons de Bricourt and the Restaurant, le Coquillage are open everyday. The hotel and restaurant will be closed from 11 January to 25 February 2015 inclusive.

Considering that the sea is not an eternally-stocked pantry, we never serve endangered species of fish, and we are always careful to heed the minimum size restrictions as well as the recommended fishing standards.