the restaurant Le Coquillage

A restaurant unlike any other

Le Coquillage isn’t a restaurant in the usual sense but a “dining room” in a 1920s villa just above the Mont Saint Michel bay, brought to life by our adept crew, led by Emmanuel and Gaylord.
Our welcome is a kind-hearted and spontaneous one, and we tend to be co-conspirators in your moments of gourmet indulgence.

Interpreted by Jérome and his highly-talented team, our cuisine is an expression of our natural, cultural and affective environment. Told through it too is the history of the region—from the spell of the Mont Saint-Michel bay, to the Celtic hinterland of Brittany, to that formidable wayfaring spirit of maritime adventure that people here are known for. You’ll become a child again when faced with the trolley of delightful treats designed by Mathieu, our head pastry chef.

Both light and refined, our Menu from the Sea is reserved for lunch. It reveals the day’s mood, moving between vegetables, fish and shellfish, and is accompanied by a dessert that will sweep you away on a most beautiful imaginary voyage… 

Our Grand Catch from the Bay menu is based on the finds of the market, the bounty of the sea, the weather, and a certain frame of mind. An entrée, main dish, and dessert—you have all the time in the world to choose.

For those who fancy a little bit of everything, and in particular, want to discover the edible delights that lie just outside the restaurant’s bay window, Choice Morsels by the Seaside is a sampling of all the delicacies from the Grand Catch from the Bay menu. Served to you here are two platters—first, the cold entrées, and second, the warm main dishes, followed by the desserts. It’s a party of gourmet pleasures and flavours!      

Finally, By the Whims of the Sea and Moon is our tasting menu, for which I’ve readapted and updated the dishes from the three-starred restaurant. Of course, I sometimes get excited and want to create anew, so what’s offered here are the results of the evocative, shared adventure that cuisine is truly made of.

And then, some people find nothing more sublime than a Grand Platter of Seafood. Carefully fished from the sea by my friends on pre-order, each marvellous element is prepared for your peaceful enjoyment, after which you can revel in the multiple temptations of dessert.

Jane and I both hope that this selection fulfills your every wish and that your time spent with us is a moment of pure happiness.