Gwenn’s good advice…  
Gwenn’s good advice…

It’s the end of the holidays and, as the children go back to school, it’s also the perfect time to return to healthy habits to get ready for winter. Gwenn, whom you have warmly welcomed, recommends a few healthy ways to keep your spirits up as you start a new work year.

When you wake up, start off on the right foot, which means placing your foot on the ground and walking with full consciousness: the foot unrolls slowly on the ground while you become aware of the feeling of the wood, stone, grass or sand. Keep your feet bare to feel the different textures that make up your day (in an apartment, in the garden, on the beach), and walk for a few moments. Then walk on a pebble, one picked up on the beach in Cancale of course, to stimulate the nervous system. You will feel calm and rested. After meals, drink warm OR herbal tea, which will help drain your body… And, before sleeping, adopt the beneficial habit of massaging your hands and feet with argan oil.

  In Cambodia, Kampot peppers  
In Cambodia, between the Gulf of Thailand and the Elephant Mountains, the region of Kampot has produced peppers since the 19th century – peppers that taste of the sea and the rain. Black, white or red, Kampot pepper has a broad range of tastes and I particularly like it on seafood and desserts.
Discover 2 seafood recipes enhanced by Kampot pepper !

- Grey shrimp with a jelly of sea herbs, Kampot pepper and a saffron note.
- Sea urchins and acidic apple to go with white Kampot pepper.
Sponsorship of Gilles Lamiré’s trimaran for the 2010 Route du Rhum!
Jane and I are sponsoring the boat of Gilles Lamiré, Défi de Cancale, who will participate this year in the Route du Rhum, starting in Saint Malo at the end of October.
His legendary trimaran will allow him to tackle this magnificent race that links Saint Malo to Point-à-Pitre in Guadeloupe, and our role will be to nourish him during the two-week-long race. Dishes concocted to help him win! If you share our passion for the sea, come and participate in the outings scheduled for late September to experience some thrills.
Contact Gilles Lamiré : /
  Painters’ light  
  From September 26th to October 21st, take advantage of our offer, “Painters’ light”.
October is the month of strange lights on the sea brought by the changeable sky that only the Emerald coast can offer us. Our cottage “Les Rimains” is a privileged place from which to watch this light and spot the first migrating birds that come and hibernate in the Mont Saint Michel bay.
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