Winter suppers in Brittany  
Winter suppers in Brittany
Come and join us for winter suppers in Brittany dreamed up by Rodolphe, Jérôme, Emmanuel, Gaylord, Jane and me, and the Maisons de Bricourt team. Winemakers will lead the discussions, sharing their love of nature and humanity. Each table of 10 people will take part in tastings and spontaneous conversations in a memorable ambiance. During these various evenings, you will awaken your senses around different white wines, red wines and a few other nectars… and menus that we have created !

Discover the program and quickly book one of these wine and food-lover’s suppers…
Jane and Olivier Roellinger

  A delicious year at the Coquillage…  
A delicious year at the Coquillage…
It has now been a year since Jane and I decided to offer a new way of experiencing the pleasure of restaurant eating, adapting it to circumstances, appetites and financial means. Each person can experience the best depending on his or her choices, mood and pocketbook. Even a modestly priced meal is served with joy and respect, making the best accessible to all.
The Marine Menu, served only a lunch, is light and refined. It expresses the day’s mood with vegetables, fish and seafood, and a dessert that takes you on a beautiful imaginary journey…
The Big Selection from the Bay is the à la carte menu, based on the market, the day’s catch, the weather, and our mood: a starter, main course and desserts. You take the time to choose.
Snacking by the Seaside replies to a desire to taste everything, every dish on the Big Selection from the Bay menu, but also all the wonders that stretch out before our eyes through the restaurant’s bay windows. It’s served on two trays, one with all the cold starters, the second with all the hot dishes, followed by all the desserts. It allows you to celebrate, treat yourself, zap from one dish to another and enjoy yourself in a convivial setting!
Then there is the newcomer, the Maritime Adventures menu, which revisits the dishes that I created at the Relais Gourmand — extremely elaborate dishes that I reconstructed to make them more accessible today. And sometimes I’m gripped by the urge to create something new, I have an idea in my head and on the tip of my tongue – an idea that I share with the team in the kitchen and that can be found on this menu, which evokes the adventure that is cooking.
Then, there are those for which nothing is more sublime than a seafood platter. For those people, and by special order, these wonders fished by my friends can be peacefully enjoyed before you give in to the multiple temptations of dessert.

Jane and I hope that these offerings will match your appetites and that you will savour the time you spend with us.

Gust of wind in the kitchen !

Gust of wind in the kitchen !
Based on the memory of a gust of wind in Kerala, this warm powder transforms everyday food, from chicken to pasta. It seeks to recreate the scent of the Indian monsoon with its notes of eucalyptus and cardamom, fennel, cinnamon and cumin. It’s the right time to adopt this recipe for roast chicken and « wind powder »

  Painter's light  
  Until December 18th, take advantage of our offer, “Painter’s light”.
October is the month of strange lights on the sea brought by the changeable sky that only the Emerald coast can offer us. Our cottage “Les Rimains” is a privileged place from which to watch this light and spot the first migrating birds that come and hibernate in the Mont Saint Michel bay.
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