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  Well being for the festive season at the Maisons de Bricourt.  
  For Christmas, Jane and I wanted to suggest gifts that promote well being. For this is what we all need in our complex and sometimes difficult world: moments of happiness in which to recharge our batteries, reinvent ourselves and relax. Thus, we have created gift boxes with which to treat others or yourself, boxes that contain our infusions, our oils and a treatment from Gwenn, who knows how much our feet can be a source of joy and comfort.  
  Unwind and find serenity Unwind and find serenity
- 1 Starry dreams
- 1 Night dream
- 1 OR
- 1 “imprint” treatment (45 minutes of reflexology)

...................95 Euros
Curl up and spoil yourself
1 argan oil -
1 oil and citrus fruits -
1 mermaid oil -
1 oil and angelica -
1 “imprint” beauty treatment -
(45 minutes of reflexology)

100 Euros...................
Curl up and spoil yourself
  All the vanillas of the world… or almost!  
  All the vanillas of the world… or almost !
The wonderful scent of vanilla, along with its name, colour and flavour, evoke the tenderness of childhood.
In Cancale, as in our new Paris boutique with its small vaulted cellar, we carry and age nearly 20 of the finest vanillas from 12 countries. For these beans to develop their full flavour, they need to age at a precise and controlled temperature and humidity level.
If the Portuguese were responsible for the spread of pepper and cinnamon, and the Dutch for nutmeg and cloves, French explorers and farmers were the adoptive parents of vanilla, holding the secrets to its pollination and preparation.
These magical beans, which grow on either side of the Equator, represent for us the beauty of a gentle world created by men and women for whom they are often the only source of revenue. As artificial vanilla flavour gains popularity, we are happy to be able to present the fruit of their culture, knowledge and work.
As with champagne or fine coffee, some will appeal to you more than others, and each person will select the flavour depending on the dish or the cake that he or she wants to make.
For Christmas, we have created a gift box to introduce these precious vanillas…
5 of the finest vanillas, which express the delicacy, tenderness and sensuality of the world.
Mexico : The spiciest. Vanilla originated in this country, and until 1850 all vanilla came from the region of Vera Cruz.
Madagascar split Antsirabe : The strongest of all, with cocoa notes.
Republic of Congo : The sweetest with “Caramba” notes.
Uganda : The most masculine with leather notes.
Tahiti (Raiatea Island) : The empress of vanillas, with a spice bread scent.

See all our recipes on the site !
Christmas gift box: The princess route The princess route
- Republic of Congo
- Uganda
- Tahiti (Raiatea Island)
- Mexico (Parlanta)
- Madagascar split (Antsirabe)
vanilla recipes are included in the kit.

...................32 Euros

Christmas gift box: The princess route
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