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Le mois des lumières
  OCTOBER IS THE MONTH OF STRANGE AND WONDERFUL SEA LIGHTS, BROUGHT BY THE GRAND REAR AND MACKEREL SKIES THAT CAN ONLY BE SEEN FROM THE CÔTE D’EMERAUDE (literally, “Viridian Coast”, named for the deep hues of cool, chromium green that make up the water in the region).

Both our cottage “Les Rimains” and the “Château Richeux” are privileged observation places from which we can hear the sea breathing. Throughout the autumn, the words of Edouard Nignon, in his “Eloges de la cuisine française”, often come to mind: “Faced with the viridian sea, Brittany, its ocean tinted with powerful, cold hues of dark blue-green cyan, is illuminated by a blond sun that reigns on a milky azure background. From dawn to dusk, the whole gamete of precious stones, and the countryside with its marvelous well-worn walkways, is present: purplish deposits of shale that shed their layers under the weight of a pickaxe, pink rose granite that has been the mortal fate of more than one cutting tool, pea green leaves straight from a wet watercolour palate. Scotch broom shrubbery that shines bright gold in the afternoon sun, lucid yellow Gorse bushes, buckwheat which has finally begun to release its rich, captivating aromas, and whose stalks have turned bright crimson. All these jewels and gems are cocooned in the delicate greyness, a greyness that has been scattered with gouache blue, which characterizes the Brittany sky.”
Painterly Luminescence : 390€ euros
A night for two tucked between the sky and the sea at either the little cottage “Les Rimains”, or “Château Richeux” (includes breakfast), and a dinner (drinks à la carte) from the “Choice Morsels from the Bay” menu at the restaurant, Le Coquillage.
  Rendez-vous thés et épices  
  A word from Olivier Roellinger: Master Tzeng of the “Maison des Trois Thés” in Paris and I met for an afternoon of tea and spices.

We narrated for our guests our personal tales as well as the history of tea and spice routes, and collaborated on their expression here in five new creations.

Oriental Encounter with Master Tseng, To accent the nose of a red tea (Gui-Hong), obtaining a hot beverage that is both delicate and energetic.

Dancing with the Wind with Master Tseng, To accent the nose of a red tea (Hong), obtaining an elegant and deep, hot beverage with notes of chocolate, vanilla and saffron.

Powder of Shadows with Master Tseng, The 2000 vintage Pu Er Shu Cha tea is used as a spice, and with its forest-floor and nuanced fungal notes is principally coupled with Karimunda pepper and mace. Originally intended for poultry such as guinea fowl and pigeon, this powder is equally suited to persillade dishes.

Vasco’s Powder with Master Tseng, Used as a spice, the aromas of Mi Lan Xiang tea are ripe with citrus and passion fruit, and are principally associated here with cumin and fennel. This mix is intended for creamed and puréed vegetables such as green peas, semi-dried beans, courgettes and winter squash, but especially for aubergines, which originate in India. A small recipe for aubergine sauce is provided. Cut the aubergines into two and lay them on a baking pan before covering them with aluminum. Place them in a 160°c oven for one hour. Hollow out the centres and put them through a blender. Add a bit of Vasco’s Powder, which will accent its natural aromas, the freshness of the fennel balancing the acidic parts of the palate. The tea in the spice powder provides the backbone on which the final harmony of the aromatic aftertaste will depend. With just a bit of water, a dash of lemon, and a pinch of salt, our sauce will easily accompany white fish such as Black Pollock, Monkfish, or John Dory, but also a tomato or endive salad. Similarly, by bringing its consistency to that of a purée, it can be spread with fleur de sel onto little toasts.

Fleur of Beauty with Master Tseng, Our Fleur de sel de Guérande, a highly elegant blue-green tea, ginger, and green mango powder, to be sprinkled on scallops and fish, either bare or cooked, as well as on steamed vegetables.
Carnet de recette n°1 Recipes book N°1

Together with Emmanuel Tessier from the “Ecole de Cuisine Corsaire”, we have assembled our recipes book n°1, allowing everyone to very easily use our Spice powders in the preparation of their daily meals. In the form of a travel journal, illustrated with drawings and sketches by Pascal Tessier, you will be sure to have fun cooking.
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