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  Orange Marmelade with Jasmine Flowers and Velvety Chocolate Mousse

A delightful recipe for the holidays, both simple and generous, where oranges have been crowned queen once again: Orange Marmelade with Jasmine Flowers and Velvety Chocolate Mousse. A grand classic, of course, is to associate oranges with chocolate. This composition draws upon the Great Arabic Epoch in Andalousia, where the Alhambran garden breezes intermingle with the cocoa brought back by the first conquistadors of Extramadura. A delicate play on time, texture, cultures and the movement of History. Download the recipe here
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   > A pretty gift: The Recipe Book n°1 Epices-Roellinger and the nine spice
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> Special holiday edition reprint of the book « Voyage aux pays des merveilles » ("Journey to Marvellous Lands") including the DVD « Cuisinier Corsaire » ("The Corsair Chef") read more +

> Voyage suspended on the sea mist of the Mont St. Michel Bay with our vintner friends A cosy winter dinner in Brittany, organized and made lively by our vintner friends, for 135 euros per person.
Stay for a night in the Château Richeux, tucked between the sky and the sea, and encounter the pristine serenity of daybreak with breakfasts. Priced 160 euros for two people. (Thursday 5th january 2012, Tuesday 10th january 2012, thursday 12th january 2012) read more +

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