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The doors to the Maisons de Bricourt have opened in the spring breeze!

The first buds and flowers on the mimosas, camellias, hawthorns, crocuses and daffodils have already begun to push their way up… just above the sea, springtime is on the verge of blossom and the Maisons de Bricourt have opened their doors in welcome.

Cancale still being calm, it’s a good time to go walking along the cliff side paths, scrunching the banks of seashells beneath your feet and filling your lungs with the pure northwesterly wind. Relax and regenerate over a dinner at Le Coquillage, where our healthy cuisine draws upon the sea, the garden, and our spices of the highest quality and virtue. When the evening nears, you’ll fall fast asleep in the arms of the good fairies of Brittany, who dance in the clear light of the moon.

All hands are on deck at the Maisons de Bricourt, where everyone is prepared for you to take advantage of these first joys of spring.

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Up in Cancale, Grain de Vanille is flowering again

This spring, the « Grain de Vanille » tea house has turned over a new leaf! Ten years ago (already!), we created this beautiful living space along with Yannick, our resident baker, in the upper part of Cancale. The treats are even more delightful, the room even warmer, the few tables and the chimney, the books and the cakes, the ice creams, the spiced chocolates, the cider… are all just right. A real bubble of softness, the Grain de Vanille is a place where you’ll enjoy life’s most vital little pleasures.

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For those last little bouts of winter: A Thousand and One Virtues Soup

Jane makes this soup at home, which is healthy, handsome, and very simple. Just a few leeks and some potatoes are deliciously set off with the « Poudre des vertus » (“Powder of Many Virtues”). Particularly rich in turmeric, which has anti-oxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, preventive and purifying properties, for me it’s really the quintessence of cuisine: a thousand virtues, plus one more—taste!

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