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All the boats are back in the water in Cancale

Yohann has begun fishing sea bass again, the lobsters have come out of hibernation, and out along the cliffs, the grasses and wild herbs have already taken over the hiking trails.
Every morning, a great wave full of plant and oceanic energy overcomes all the kitchens in the house, and a whole ensemble warms up around Jérôme, who orchestrates a springtime symphony that wafts through the air along with the new spice compositions.

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The latest journey to Mexico and our collection of chiles

Following our most recent journey to Mexico in search of the lost chile cultivars, we’d like to introduce you to our newest discoveries. We’re also here to help you see this spice in a new light: a spice of the sun gods, from the warmest to the most flaringly hot, with unexpected hints and flickers of aroma.

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For avid cuisine folk who seek to know the secrets of our dishes, yet who only have a short period of time, the Ecole de Cuisine Corsaire has designed a series of demonstrable lessons. Each is an hour and a half in duration.

The course consists of technical explanations, advice, hints and tips, introducing you to recipes that are adapted to cooking at home. Just as in a practice-based course, each student receives a recipe file and participates in tasting the finished dishes. Come join us every Thursday and Sunday afternoon, from 5 p.m. onwards!

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Here are a few spring recipes: simple, healthy, and delicious.

- Try your hand at the Lightly Seasoned Green Asparagus Velouté >>

- Try your hand at the Spring Pea and “Gallo Powder” Cream Soup >>

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