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Sun Blossom : Savour the sunrise

This selection is a little like the sunrise: direct, abundantly joyous, and powerful as a renewed hope. Specially harvested for us by Lionel, our salt grower in Guérande, our fleur de sel is the fruit of the Eastern winds and the summer sun. Here, with a touch of yuzu and ginger, the salt takes on an upbeat hint of citrus fruit.

A few grains of this sunny powder are marvellous on fish carpaccios, scallops, beef or vegetables, and even on fruit such as pineapple. Surprise yourself! Just the other day I sprinkled a smidgeon onto a tomato salad, and it went just perfectly!

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Monkfish carpaccio with Citrus Oil, and a glimmer of Sun Blossom

During the balmy days of summer, I just love making this monkfish carpaccio recipe: nothing compares to the freshness brought to it by the Citrus Oil and Sun Blossom. Try it out >>


A gourmet trip on a traditional Corsaire lugger sailboat!

Board the An Durzunel for a delectable excursion across the Mont Saint-Michel Bay.
Jérôme Foyer and Emmanuel Tessier, the director of the Cuisine Corsaire Ecole, invite you to go sailing amidst the sea and their sumptuous spread. From 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., the chef will captivate your senses with ten dream-worthy delicacies that pair shellfish from the waters of near with aromas from afar, and the captain will see to it that you are rocked gently back and forth by the rhythms of the sea, all the while showing you a few things about fishing such as pulling up creels or letting out the trolling lines.

Come meet the crew every Friday, from June to September !
Departures from Port Mer at 5 p.m., exclusively by reservation !

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