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Here in Cancale, a soft September sunlight adorns the deep emerald sea…

Long ago, between the Mont-Dol and the ocean, stood the vast forest of Scissy. The kingdom's princess was stunningly attractive, but known to be an obstinate heathen. Not happy to simply leave the evangelistic saints to their own devices and to shut her ears to their teachings, she also demanded their persecution. One day, however, she looked out at the ocean, and appearing in the sea waters was the infant Jesus, a sight so beautiful that it transformed her heart in an instant! In repentance, she threw an emerald out into the depths, and the sea has forever after been coloured by that precious stone…

Here in the myth-inspired marine landscapes that border the Cap Fréhel at the edge of the Mont Saint-Michel Bay, are waters so rich and green that they themselves seem to be lined with clear, rippling beaches, dense vegetation, and windy capes, creeks and cliffs.

The entire Epices Roellinger crew is ready for September with a smile!

For an energetic late summer, abounding with flavours from both near and far, the team here at Epices Roellinger offers you their most genuine greetings.


Newest creation: "La poudre des bulgares"

The silken texture of yoghurt when one dips a spoon in it is a true delight. The ideal spice blend should arouse our senses and provide some piquant to the day. However, the last thing I want is to feel unsettled or rushed through the process of waking up. This flavour had to stir me from my slumber with the gentle touch of a mother waking her beloved child.

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A romantic escapade through the native county of F.R. de Chateaubriand

From the 12th of November to the 23rd of December, give yourself the gift of "a Brittany winter". A charming escapade through the native county of François-René de Chateaubriand, and a foray into the heart of romanticism!

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