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The sweetness of autumn: Homemade apple compote with four different spices

A bona fide everyday fruit, the apple has nonetheless been hailed for its ability to put princesses to sleep and to sow discord amongst deities. It seems unpretentious because it can be found almost anywhere, but alas—this is where we err! Apples are elegant, subtle, and delicate. Just the same as for a grand cider, I’ve chosen to use two of my favourite varieties here: “Reinette d'Armorique” (Armorica Rennet) and “Rouget de Dol” . Leaving them to stew gently along with four different spice notes, the fruit’s delectable complexity begins to mingle with the subtle flavour of cinnamon and wild blackberries…
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Epices & Roellinger, a luscious volume of encounters

From one page to the next, this gorgeous book initiates its readers into the fantastical world of spice-bound journeys to all corners of the planet. Having collaborated closely with Christian and Vincent Lejalé, I have set out to share my knowledge of and passion for spices—this never-ending source of gustatory emotions that never ceases to inspire me. This complete volume spans the 3 000 year history of the treasure hunt, and includes thirty-three recipes in which spices are the conductors of an orchestra of taste! Encyclopedic in its intent, the book also encourages us to divulge in the stories of humanity that feed both our souls and our bodies!

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