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“Epices & Roellinger”, a delectable travel book

From one page to the next, this gorgeous volume brings its readers along on a fantastic voyage around the world. Together with Christian and Vincent Lejalé, I have set out to share my knowledge of and passion for spices—a source of gustatory emotions that never ceases to inspire. More than 3,000 years of treasure-seeking is recounted here, along with thirty-three recipes in which spices truly make our palettes vibrate with flavour!
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For the holidays, give the gift of sumptuous savours with our Boxed Sets!

Three grand spices: “Retour des Indes”, “Grande caravane” and “Poudre défendue”, have been put together in three little dispensers, ready to enrapture your fish and shellfish, meats, fruit salads and even your coctails…
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Cocoa-tinged caramel and fruit confit come through in our “Vanille givrée de Noël”. A rare delicacy of soft notes with an impressively lingering aftertaste, this vanilla is brought straight from New Caledonia. It is succulently encrusted with vanillin crystals, and is a veritable treasure that has been meticulously prepared and patiently matured.
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Not only children need a good night’s sleep! Try my “Rêves d'étoiles”, “O.R.” and “Songe de nuit”—three herbal teas that have digestive, relaxing, soothing, and detoxifying qualities, but that above all, are delicious.
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Whipped Warm Milk with Homemade Salted Butter Toffee and Vanilla…

After my long walks out by the sea, exposed to the four winds, I just love to sit down by the fire and sip this most comforting seasonal delight…
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