Mathieu's Lemon Tart with OR's Poudre des Bulgares
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Inspire an Imaginary Journey with the Christmas 2013 Boxed Set
Every year, I design a boxed set for you to please the palates of your loved ones! This year, I wanted to inspire an imaginary journey, through memories of far-away places, to the delightful land of sweet, beautiful, and joyful dreams!  The boxed set contains:
+ "Fleur des Vertus" with spices from India, for raw scallops.
+ "Poudre Gallo", to dress choice poultry.
+ Saint-Malo Kelp, for winter vegetables—a souvenir from your seaside vacation.
+ "Morita", our delectably spiced oil, to liven up any holiday dish.
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Voyage suspendu dans les brumes de la baie avec nos amis vignerons—A Little Treasure Chest So if you were to begin a collection…? "Epices Carnet n°2", written by Olivier and Emmanuel, the executive chef at the Ecole de Cuisine Corsaire, has arrived, and like a treasure chest, contains thirty-five simple and healthy recipes that will help you use the OR Signature Spice Collection to its fullest, creating wonderful, easy-to-make dishes at home.
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19ème Trophée Gosset Celebris

"Hermessence: Epice Marine" The eleventh fragrance in the Hermessence collection, "Epice Marine" is the fruit of an expressive terrain that we, along with Jean-Claude Ellena from Hermès, have been exploring since 2004. It tells the story of an encounter between two men: Jean-Claude Ellena and Olivier Roellinger. Many an exchange between the renowned perfume designer from the south of France, and the "Cuisinier Corsaire" from Brittany in the north of France, have inspired its creation.
A bit of background: Ellena first came to explore the Cancale Bay with Roellinger three years ago. As time went by, a friendship came to pass, in which voyages, a shared sense of vision, history, and inspiration came to light. From smell to taste, the paths of the two spice aficionados converged. Invigorated by the meeting and the tales of long journeys abroad, the idea of producing a fragrance eventually came to Jean-Claude Ellena. From this was borne Epice Marine: a harmony of spices (cinnamon, cumin, and cardamom), ocean mist, and sea water. Epices Marine is a stimulating wave on the northern coast; a classic scent—cool and warm, stirring and provocative. A sharp-witted poem; a messenger of both deep breezes and exhilarating, hot fever.    Available exclusively at the Châteaux Richeux and in Hermès boutiques.

RoellingerReprendre pied avec Gwenn

Mathieu's Lemon Tart with OR's "Poudre des Bulgares" Mathieu, our house pastry chef, makes classic French lemon tarts that are just delicious. Together, we created a tart that has travelled a bit further—and has picked up, along the way, an accent—"Poudre des Bulgares".
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RoellingerEpices Océanes

All Children on Deck!Les P'tits Bérets is a children's book publishing house established in Morlanne (64), Brittany, in 2010, which produces books for children of 18 months to 12 years of age. The books are committed to celebrating tolerance, the respect for differences, fairness, and they aim to incite both imagination and curiosity. In support for the collection, I have created a new signature spice blend, "Poudre de Soupe"!
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Roellinger   Roellinger
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