Jane and Olivier Roellinger
Flavours and Aromas

Flavours and Aromas The season's first dive-caught scallops by Philippe Orveillon are cooked with "Epices Marines", our new spice by Jean-Claude Ellena – a dish that has been created for the Maison HERMES.
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Timeless voyages amidst the fog of the Mont Saint-Michel Bay

Timeless voyages amidst the fog of the Mont Saint-Michel Bay For the past few winters, we've invited our vintner friends to spend time here, sharing both their knowledge and good humour with us over dinner. The kind of people who love nature and humans, these men and women are ready and willing to discuss their passionate, environmental approaches to winemaking. Their different wines and nectars fit for the gods are sure to waken your senses…
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The Nineteenth Gosset Celebris Trophy

The Nineteenth "Gosset Celebris" Trophy Honoured to receive this year's prestigious award, I am deeply touched to hear a resounding echo of my efforts to conserve ocean resources, in engaging the Relais & Châteaux and the creation of a sustainable competition. The competition to which I am associated was initially founded by the Alliance Produits de la Mer and the Ecole Ferrandi. The first is an international program by SeaWeb, an environmental association engaged in ocean preservation and the promotion of a market for sustainable ocean products. The second is the famous Parisian school, which is an institution for the professional development of 1 500 apprentices and 2 000 employees in the food business (both gourmet and restaurant chefs, but also tableware specialists, pastry chefs and bakers). The guiding partners of the competition are the Lycée Hôtelier de Dinard, one of the most renowned institutions in its category, and the "Relais & Châteaux" organization, which was founded in 1954 and which now has 500 rigorously selected members in more than sixty countries worldwide. Finally, six regional establishments support the competition: Prorestel, a professional trade show in Fougères-Saint-Malo; OSO, a brand of wholesale seafood; MSC, the privately-administered designation for wild fish; the "Pêcheurs de Bretagne", an association of 3 000 Brittany-based sailors and 800 fishing boats; the VLIZ, an institution for the scientific research of oceanography in Flanders, Belgium; and the CIPA, which is none other than the renowned "Comité Interprofessionnel des Produits d'Aquaculture".
All are deeply engaged in the promotion of sustainable fishing.

RoellingerFind your footing with Gwenn

Find your footing with Gwenn Gwenn Libouban is a nationally-renowned reflexologist located in our dear Cancale, and is ready to accompany your marine-inspired retreat. Entrust your feet to her magical hands and your dreams will begin to drift their way across the Mont Saint-Michel Bay. One hour of foot massage to restore your senses, lighten up your step, and give you wings… Reserve now for the winter season! >>

RoellingerDiscover Epices Océanes

Epices OcEanes Discover "Epices Océanes", kelp that is hand-harvested at low tide in between Cancale and Saint-Malo. Two marine-inspired sauces are made with "Epices Océanes" (kelp from Saint-Malo), which pair particularly well with white fish, scallops, steamed vegetables such as potatoes, or rice.
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