Return to Cancale
Return to Cancale

Return to Cancale Just back from a voyage to Peru and Bolivia, and after having explored many a young chef's table, I am very proud to belong to the family of "World Chefs".
With both enthusiasm and panache, they express the nature and history of their marvelous countries!

The interplay between the sun and moon

The interplay between the sun and moon: the true season for shellfish! Come and breathe the fresh sea air, go for a long stroll, and share a laugh whilst looking up at the celestial bodies that control the rising and falling of the sea. Whilst walking, be careful not to step on the first daffodils and crocuses of spring! Come in and try some of the shellfish from the Cancalese foreshore, with the most delicate of scallops, and the beautiful flat fish spiced with the bounty of marine adventure such as "Poudre d'OR".

Bask in the pleasure of a dinner for two, our Choice Morsels from the Sea menu, served in the dining room of the Château Richeux, a night wrapped in the soothing songs of the wind and the waves at the Cottage Les Rimains or at Château Richeux, followed by a Brittany-style breakfast and a pretty and invigorating walk along the "Chemin des Douaniers" (Old Customs' Path), and explore the Cancale Bay. >>

As the months of February and March provide us with the very best shellfish and oysters of the year, I have provided you with a recipe for oysters and tender cabbage, with "Poudre d'OR" a blend of allspice, coriander, turmeric, and green mango powder.
Try the recipe: "Oysters, Squid, and Tender Cabbage with 'Poudre d'OR'">>

The Relais & Châteaux

The Relais & Châteaux invest in the biodiversity of cuisine all over the world! Having been elected the international Vice-President of Relais & Châteaux, a network of 500 restaurants in more than sixty countries, I would like to confirm my commitment to the men and women who make these places come alive, and to promoting the biodiversity of cuisine the world over. Each of these culinary styles is the expression of its natural, cultural, and affective environment.

RoellingerCorsaire Culinary Institute

The "Ecole de Cuisine" (Corsaire Culinary Institute) is now in Paris for a few days every month. Emmanuel Tessier, the top chef at the Cuisine Corsaire in Cancale offers cooking lessons at our Parisian storeroom, Epices-Roellinger, at 51 bis, rue Saint Anne, 75002. Ideas, tips, and enthusiasm for simple, healthy, and gourmet cuisine!
Dates and times of cooking lessons with Emmanuel >>

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