A forgotten treasure made to complement new potatoes!
Les tempêtes ravageuses de cet hiver sont passées

For some time now I have wanted to couple them with my interpretation of the "taste of a shipwreck", which is exactly what I have done here! "Trésor Oublié" (Forgotten Treasure) is a new spice blend, designed specifically for potatoes and to be used just like a light pepper. Regularly washing up on the shores of St. Malo is the flotsam and jetsam of yesteryear; pieces of cannon barrels and trunks which we can playfully imagine are filled with buried treasure. I started to think about the smell and the taste of the spices that could have been there: Kombu, Nori, Nutmeg, Sichuan Pepper, and Sesame—perhaps even mixed together in a lost pitcher whose edges were eroded by the seashells and algae in the bay. Having remained underneath the waters for more than three centuries, the spices would have tasted like the depths of the ocean and the South Seas. Just a small pinch on potatoes is enough…
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Strawberries are once again the honoured guests at our table!

Strawberries are once again the honoured guests at our table! Less sugar and more pleasure—such is the seasonal equation that will enable you to rediscover true flavour. For cut strawberries and red berries alike, it is a blend of green aniseed, ginger and cinnamon. Sprinkle half a teaspoon over the sliced fruit and let sit for thirty minutes at room temperature, then serve. A veritable delight, and healthy, too!
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Dreams, the excitement of a voyage, and a bit of tenderness

Dreams, the excitement of a voyage, and a bit of tendernessSuch are the contents of this year's gift box, created for both Mother's and Father's Day. So really that means, for the whole family… For this occasion, I have brought together the book, "Les Parfums de l'Enfance" with the most frequently used spice blends in the recipes: Poudre d'Or, Poudre la Luna, Cumin torréfié, Cannelle Ceylan C4. These marvels of smell and taste will help you express your culinary creativity, leading you to many a shared moment of pleasure and togetherness!
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RoellingerUNESCO: Host of the Olivier Roellinger competition awards ceremony

UNESCO: Host of the Olivier Roellinger competition awards ceremonyFounded by SeaWeb and Ferrandi-Paris, and in partnership with the Lycée Hôtelier de Dinard and the Relais & Chateaux, the eponymous award aims to raise the awareness of the fragility of marine resources and the central role that chefs can play in the profession. Open to students and apprentices who are less than 25 years of age and enrolled in a hotel and catering school, in addition to professionals who are under 35 and in the early stages of their career. For the third consecutive year, I am honoured to award three prizes to six young, talented and ecologically responsible professionals!
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