Touline, the gîte in the trees

Surrounded by trees whose shades of green reflect the deep tonalities of the water, this cottage with an ultra-modern design is an island of peace in the open air: on the ground floor is a vast dining room with an open kitchen and two bedrooms for the parents, while on the first floor is a loft for the children, to watch films, play cowboys and Indians, and burst into fits of laughter without ever disturbing the grown-ups...

62 rue des Rimains 35260 Cancale

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A new Epices-Roellinger warehouse in Saint-Malo

In the heart of the walled city that once housed St-Malo’s shipbuilders, Daniel advises you on the spiced wonders that abound in this shop, which is designed to transport you to a world of wonderful scents coming from the New World and the East. This second warehouse harbours all the ingredients that we have created to express our passion for spices and to allow you to appreciate all their qualities.

17 rue Saint Vincent 35 400 Saint Malo

Oliver Roellinger personal notes

Essentials The idea of a pepper mill appeals to me because of the motion involved and because of the control it allows. As everyone knows, itís always best to grind at the last moment to give off all the aromas of a pepper or spice.
With Sylvie Amar, my design partner, we have allowed the pepper mill to meet the sailing world by adding nothing other than a winch and a setting to regulate the fineness of the grind thanks to a series of notches. Several details make this pepper mill rare: its lightly curved drawer to recuperate all the ground pepper, leaving nothing in the corners; its size which allows it to be held comfortably in the hand; its opening system which has been designed to make it easy to fill. Without its drawer, the mill distributes the pepper directly over the dish. What I like about this pepper mill, besides the fact that it allows you to change peppers very easily, is the way it perfectly illustrates the meeting of tradition and today, men who have thought of uses that we have respected and enriched.

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Springtime has entered our kitchens… this gift box was designed to inject sunshine and adventure into your cooking!

Oil and angelica intensify the flavour of scallops, hard cheeses and especially goat’s cheese, but also vegetables: try our video recipe for Goat’s cheese, bell pepper and angelica oil. Opt also for this marvellous meeting of fleur de sel and seaweed, Sea fleur de sel, sprinkling it over your steamed or pan-fried fish. Set off on a taste adventure with Grande Caravane power, in which cumin and sesame mingle with the depth of mace and cinnamon to perfume vegetables and lamb but also an olive oil vinaigrette. You might also try our video recipe, Grande Caravane lamb.
Finally, how can you take a plain or olive oil vinaigrette towards unexpected flavours?
A pinch of Alizés powder suffices on a lettuce salad, rocket or mesclun. Or you can try our recipe, Scallops with Alizés powder…

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