International book and film festival
Saint Malo - 30th may to 1st of june

More than 25 authors and producers will come together to speak of flavours that spark their imaginations!
In keeping with my love of travel, I have put together, with Chantal Pelletier’s help, a menu dedicated to the golds of saffron, the flavours of Vietnam, the fabulous stories of salt and beer, the thousand and one wonders of the pig, dessert adventures and recipes. Gourmet readings and a few diabolical surprises will liven up the party!
Talks will be organized around themes that bring together cooking, products, flavours and cultures, for three days!


Surprise your mother with a dessert that you have made yourself and a gift package of Forbidden powder, Kaffir lime oil and delicious vanilla beans from Madagascar, treasures that she can later use to concoct dishes for you.
Here is the recipe, which is easy, surprising and irresistible:
Strawberry, rhubarb,
Madagascar vanilla,
Forbidden powder and Kaffir lime

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