On August 21st we received several tons of spices from northern Kerala in India.
For us it’s a great joy. This big shipment gives concrete expression to our work and especially to our encounters over the winter. It’s a Christian minority made up of several families that produces these different spices: black pepper, white pepper, cardamom, ginger, turmeric, coriander and nutmeg.
We have selected organically grown spices, which are certified locally by an official body. To formalise our desire to pay fair prices to the producers, these spices are sold under the fair trade label FLO (Fair Trade Labelling Organizations).
We are happy to share these new wonders with you.

I created this powder after having sampled Yemenite coffee, which has the same taste of pepper, ginger and cardamom. Later, cinnamon added itself to this mix. The initial idea was to place a pinch on the foam of an espresso, which would remain on the surface, the spices giving off their aromas. You would drink the coffee through this foam and a few particles with a fresh, warm taste would remain at the bottom of the cup. Then I started adding this powder to all my coffee-based preparations: ice creams, mousses and even cappuccino…

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This high quality, delicate-tasting pepper with lemony but not mouth-numbing notes belongs to the same family as Sichuan pepper but is less aggressive. Also from the same family as Japanese sancho, the bay that comes from a type of thorny ash, it’s more accessible to our European palates.
It grows in the north of Vietnam and the minorities of these mountains pick it with patience and precision. I use it with fish or shellfish in the oven, steamed, in a broth or in a soup. It’s also a good match for white mushrooms or an endive salad, with poultry or roast veal. It’s a young and enthusiastic flavour, reflecting the Vietnamese people.

Ingredients: Xanthoxylum piperitum

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