Hugo Roellinger is happy to introduce his first book "Correspondances"

When you are born in Cancale, when you are deeply attracted to the sea to the point of wanting to become a professional surfer and then a merchant sailor, when you grow up as the son of the "spice magician", when you burn with the desire to convey the mystery and beauty of the sea through culinary expression, you end up a chef like Hugo Roellinger.

His creations, delicate, vibrant, full of movement, echoing the sea, are a true ode to the surrounding nature. 

In this book, Hugo Roellinger reveals to his reader his creative universe, his territory, and his cuisine, in an intimate and sincere way.

To be faithful to his creative approach, he presents only recipes for 51 seasonal liquids, flavored oils, and infused vinegars. The 70 dishes created from these liquids are "told" by Hugo Roellinger.

"Correspondances" is also militant in its realization and conception.

First and foremost, it is an ode to time, to the four seasons, to the passage of time, refusing to be rushed. 

For more than a year, Hugo Roellinger and Ryoko Sekiguchi had hours of conversations in Cancale. These dialogues were transcribed by Ryoko Sekiguchi's poetic pen, giving the book a unique narrative.

When he started imagining this book, Hugo Roellinger had one requirement: to propose a book with only analog photographs. These are prints of the moment and instinct that attempt to capture the "emotional accuracy" of the dish rather than its aesthetic perfection. The talented photographer Anne-Claire Héraud accepted the challenge.

Hugo Roellinger called upon the publishing house Sur La Crête, based in Nantes, which specializes in silver photographs. The book is printed in Rennes.

One can read this book, of course, as a cookbook, but also as a practical alchemy manual that allows transforming liquid into fragrant oils and vinegars that flavor our dishes. This book can be discovered as a multitude of reports on the world of craftsmanship and producers, as a graphic novel about Brittany, or even as a delightful narrative of a pure soul in exchange with living beings.

Cover of Hugo Roellinger's first book

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