Vent de Vanille® is a laboratory of ice cream and a manufacturing workshop of mille-feuilles located
above the wide beach of Dinard.

Juliette and Nicolas from the Maisons de Bricourt’s® crew are the figures of this new venue and they are
accompanied by Grain de Vanille®.

The ice creams are made with organic whole milk from small Breton cows.

The sorbets are turbined with seasonal fruits and flavoured with spices Epices Roellinger®.

All the mille-feuilles are made under your eyes.

Vanilla, cinnamon, muscades, cardamom and rare peppers from far away play with the flavors of

Ice cream, sorbets and mille-feuilles are enjoyed on the terrace, at the beach or at home.

Vent de Vanille® is the taste of a holiday at the sea.

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Vent de Vanille


Vent de Vanille is open 

from Wednesday to Sunday, 10am to 1pm and 2.30pm to 6.30pm. 

Closed on Monday and Tuesday. 

The pastries and ice cream in 1/2 liters are to be ordered the day before for the next day.

Delivery possible in the afternoon in Dinard.

Vent de Vanille®
3 bis Bd du Président Wilson, 35800 Dinard
Tel: (+33) 02 99 89 61 03