Gwenn’s house

Reflexology Care

On the right of the Celtic Baths®, a small door opens onto Gwenn's house. In this land of telluric energy, reflexology works its magic, turning darkness into light. It is practiced by the therapist Gwenn Libouban.

Here we can regain our footing. No standard protocol applies. Everyone is unique and treated as such. She uses her know-how to give the feet that are entrusted to her in their energy back. She creates a sense of lightness, focus, and harmony. She touches, listens, and guides. She helps us realign and move forward. Her careful touch uses the feet to open a gateway to a new lightness that refocuses the body and soothes the spirit.

At the meeting point between the sun and the moon, foot reflexology provides inner restoration. It offers a breath that connects the energy of the lower body with that of the upper body, reviving the bridge between heaven and earth. Gwenn's care helps us realign, recover and move forward. There is no risk of getting lost on this inner path.

Reflexology treatments are available to guests staying at Maisons de Bricourt on a reservation basis. Maison de Gwenn is closed during Sundays, Mondays and Wednesday afternoons. We advise you to book well in advance of your arrival should you be interested.

Contact us by phone on +33 (0)2 99 89 64 76 or by email at

For more information:

Maison de Gwenn at the Ferme du Vent, Le Buot - 35350 Saint-Méloir-des-Ondes